Tokidoki x Shanghai Times Square 2016

Exhibition Venue : Shanghai Times Square

Shanghai Times Square |  tokidoki  | CG+
Tokidoki x Shanghai Times Square
Originated from Maxx, which is a monkey character from Punkstar family
from the fashion and lifestyle brand tokidoki. STS has presented 12
different lunar Chinese New Year monkey statues in the outdoor square
to celebrate spring festival.
"To celebrate the year of the monkey, we are proud to introduce 12
monkey characters that represent each month of the year. Every 12
months, these childhood friends traverse mountains, oceans, skies, and
even galaxies to reunite, have fun, and honor their everlasting
friendship! Representing each month of the year, the monkeys embody
a facet of everyday life. January represents justice. February symbolizes
love. March celebrates life. April is joy, while May honors solidarity and
teamwork. June represents friendship and July embodies relaxation.
August signifies freedom, while September celebrates unity. October is
all playfulness. November celebrates dedication and December
embodies bravery."
Exhibition Venue : Shanghai Times Square
No.99, Huaihai Middle Road, Shanghai, China
Exhibition Dates : 20 January to 29 February, 2016