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Jeremyville x Be@rbrick 100% & 400%
Jethro is based on the Jeremyville CSA message 'Walk Happy'. He is a daily reminder on your desk, or at home, to stay light no matter how heavy your day, and to walk happy even if the pavement of life is cracked, or the sidewalk is broken. 
Jethro was inspired by Jeremy's life in New York City, a very walking metropolis. Most days I simply walk around the city with my sketchbook, observing people and scenes and drawing them into my world.
 Walking to me is very meditative, and it feels as if every problem in the world could be solved if we all just took time off, went for a walk together, and talked about it. 
So remember to stay light in a heavy world, as weightless as the air within Jethro. Simply breathe out your troubles, and let Jethro take them in and turn them into something positive and pink. 
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Artist profile

Jeremyville is a New York based artist, product designer and author. His art is about simple, thought provoking messages told in an instantly recognisable style. 

Jeremyville grew up by the ocean at Bondi Beach in Sydney Australia, and started his art career drawing at the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper, while completing his Architecture Degree from Sydney University, and editing the student newspaper Honi Soit. It was amidst this eduction in print at the age of 19, that he first discovered the power of simple writing, and the impact that an iconic image can have in helping to change the world. 

Jeremyville has exhibited around the world with shows at the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburg, La Casa Encendida Museum in Madrid, the Madre Museum in Napoli, Colette in Paris, Cappellini in NYC, the 798 Arts District in Beijing, CentralWord in Bangkok, Wheelock Square in Shanghai, Chengdu and is in many private collections around the world. Recently, Steven Heller, Editor at the New York Times, featured Jeremyville in the 100 Best Illustrators in the World, published by Taschen. 

Jeremyville x Be@rbrick 100% & 400%